Lose the Booze

In part one of this three-week series about on-campus alcohol consumption, The Volante focuses on statistics surrounding underage drinking in relation to the University of South Dakota. Within the first week of the fall semester at the University of South Dakota, four parties were busted by the Vermillion Police Department for underage drinking, said Police […]

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Sanctions could result in damaged record

Receiving a sanction at the University of South Dakota is a two-step process, sometimes resulting in reinforcement by local authorities. Depending on the severity of the documentation, students are generally confronted with a verbal warning by community advisers first, followed by a written censure, said Aaron Polkinghorn, senior and former CA for Burgess and Norton […]

3 mins read

Law professor outlines changes for Indian tribes, federal government

Megan Wissbaun went into Tuesday’s Constitution Day lecture not expecting much, but walked away pleasantly surprised. “I’m just here to get extra credit for my government class honestly.” Wissbaun said before the speech. Afterward, Wissbaun, a junior majoring in social work and criminal justice, said “(The speech) was very interesting and informative — I had […]

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