Pilot recycling program moving to next round of discussion

The USD waste and recycling study report is almost finished and ready to be taken to the Executive Committee to review a pilot program. The report includes data from multiple studies done last year. Including recycling rates, a waste profile assessment, infrastructure assessment and sustainability survey. According to the report, done by the Verdis group, […]

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Gender inclusive housing, the Center for Diversity & Community important outlets for LGBTQ+ students

In its second year of implementation, gender inclusive housing along with efforts by the Center for Diversity & Community has made a positive impact for LGBTQ+ students. About 30 students opted for gender inclusive housing this fall, said Housing Director John Geske. Gender inclusive housing is available in North Complex, McFadden Hall and Coyote Village, […]

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Secular Student Alliance looks to educate on secularism at USD

At USD, there at least a half dozen religiously affiliated groups where students can gather around their collective faith. In contrast to the variety of religious groups, there is only one group on campus where non-religious students can express their feelings toward religion, or lack thereof. USD’s Secular Student Alliance, a chapter of the national group of the […]

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