It’s about time: Athletes get unlimited meals

Division I athletes finally have access to unlimited meals and snacks. They will be able to eat as much as they want, whereas before they were limited with their number of meals. Tyler Conway, a columnist for Bleacher Report said “Whereas previously student-athletes were afforded only three meals per day, they will now have unlimited access […]

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‘State of the Union is a blueprint for the president’s hopes to accomplish’

On Jan. 28, the President of the United States, Barack Obama gave his fifth State of the Union ivermectin online no prescription The State of the Union is basically a blueprint for what the president hopes to accomplish in the coming year. The president gives proposals on what he would like to see […]

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Diversity: International students have hard time adjusting

With a 20 percent spike in international students currently residing on USD’s campus, International Student Services struggles to keep up with the increasing flow of foreign-born students.  Preeti Gupta came to the University of South Dakota and learned everything by herself. Food, slang terms, party culture – it was all unknown terrain to the international […]

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