Library moves research materials online

The I.D. Weeks Library is in the process of moving its material onto digital databases. While not necessarily replacing physical collections, the library is increasing its use of online journals, documents, textbooks and other works within the school’s database. Though the University of South Dakota’s library has been working with digital content for quite some […]

3 mins read

S.D. House candidates

District 17 will host its 2012 election for the state House of Representatives Nov. 6, with candidates Ray Ring, Marion Sorlien and Nancy Rasmussen. At a glance, the three candidates have similar platforms. Democrat Marion Sorlien is heavily focused on education and Medicaid, and said the legislative branch has always had a great influence on […]

2 mins read

UPD uses bikes to go green

Campus police are switching to bikes this semester in order to go green and be seen. With eight University Police Department officers already certified under Sgt. Samuel Nelsen, at least two more will be sent into training sometime during summer 2013. “It is our long term goal to have every officer in the department to […]

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