Considering the GAF

An antagonistic relationship seems to have formed between the general student body and student-athletes, with the prior feeling exploited, and the latter feeling misunderstood.Maybe it’s because I’m the antithesis of a student-athlete, but that feeling doesn’t seem unreasonable to me. Most of the General Activity Fund (GAF) hike money is going to the athletic department. […]

3 mins read

The best ever

Plenty of people like to rag on the food in the MUC. I personally think it’s consistently fine. Still, there’s always at least something available, and I think we should all resolve to focusing on the good parts of a meal as much as we can.Maybe I just feel this way because I’ve been in […]

2 mins read

Bring the ruckus

Well, it happened. Donald Trump is now the 45th president of the United States. We now have one of the most unpopular presidents ever elected. He’s the second to lose the popular vote, and the first to have experience with neither government nor military. Of course, the almost 63,000,000 people who voted for him are thrilled […]

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Check before you share: Fake news undermines truth, leads to uniformed electorate

The fact that almost half of votes cast went to a man who described Mexicans as rapists, advocates for racist stop-and-frisk policies, tracking Muslims and brags about being a sexual assailant has a lot of people worried. While I hoped that personal perceptions of the President-elect churning hatred were exaggerated, I don’t think they were. […]

4 mins read

Virtual assistants need an update

Students aren’t strangers to setting reminders for themselves to stop procrastinating and actually getting work done. These reminders usually come with the help from voice assistants on most mobile devices. Virtually, every person on campus has a smartphone, and even if they don’t explicitly use it regularly, they all have some sort of virtual assistant. Really, […]

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