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Weather affects studying

As the school year winds down, some students might be finding it hard to concentrate because of the weather.

“For some folks, it does give you a boost of energy or can raise your mood, I think folk’s reactions tend to differ,” chair of the psychology department Randy Quevillon said.

After the winter’s cold temperatures, the transition to spring often presents


“It can be tough to study when you’d rather be outside enjoying the nice weather,” academic adviser Sara Peterson said. “I’d rather be outside than working on some days.”

As the end of the year and finals approach, students have to stay focused on their studies even though they would rather be outside. There are many different strategies used by different students and professors to keep focused while still staying up-to-date with classes and work.

“Certainly the nice weather is a temptation, you want to be out with your friends and everyone needs to have recreation and get some release from stress,” Quevillon said. “But if you are getting behind on things you need to do that doesn’t help you control stress.”

When talking about good study tips and strategies, Peterson said students should do the majority of studying inside to stay away from other


“Don’t count on being efficient with your studying while sitting or laying out in the sun,” Peterson said. “It’s much too easy to doze off or be distracted by other people’s activity.”

But Peterson said taking study breaks outside is


“While studying indoors, make flashcards that you could review while sitting outside in the fresh air,” Peterson said. “But make sure your outdoor study time is review and not your first crack at that particular topic.”

There are many ways to be productive and Quevillon said each student is different.

“Students need to remind themselves of what their priorities are — what they want to do, why they are here, or what kinds of things contribute to the outcomes they want,” Quevillon said.

Many students have different strategies they use to keep up with their classes while also spending time outside.

“With the nice weather, I find it extremely hard to balance being outside with my studies,” freshman Jesse Pechous said. “To balance out the two, I get up earlier and really focus on my studies in the morning. That way, I can enjoy the spring weather with my friends and do activities such as water balloon fights and taking a walk.”

As Quevillon said, to stay focused students should find what works best for them so they don’t get behind.

“My advice to students to find a happy medium between the two is to mainly focus on studies earlier in the day,” Quevillon said. “That way they have the entire afternoon to go out and do activities and get a good night’s rest.”

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