Multicultural center proposal submitted to Abbott, council

The proposal to bring a multicultural student center to the University of South Dakota is one step closer to becoming a reality. According to Jesus Trevino, associate vice president for diversity, an official proposal has been submitted to President James Abbott and the executive council to be vetted and approved or returned with recommendations. “Ultimately, […]

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South Dakota Board of Regents approves new program minors, cuts Theater M.A.

The South Dakota Board of Regents approved three new minors at the University of South Dakota to be implemented next spring during their December meeting in Rapid City. The minors, to be offered on-campus only, include Child and Adolescent Development, Inter-professional Disabilities Services and K-12 English as a New Language. Chuck Staben, provost and vice […]

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Questionnaire suggests advice to college rape victims is biased by gender

With the addition of the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act, University of South Dakota Associate Professor Yumi Suzuki is stirring interest in sexual assault on campus with research she is pursuing at the lasix online no prescription Suzuki sent out a survey questionnaire to undergraduates in late September “designed to measure young people’s […]

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Thirteen rooms fail biannual inspections last month

Out of the nine residence halls and approximately 1,100 rooms on the University of South Dakota’s campus, 13 rooms failed biannual room inspections last month. Associate Dean of Student Life Phil Covington said when CAs inspected the rooms, they searched for violations such as candles, things hanging from the ceilings, multiple power cords plugged into […]

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City Council renews Hy-Vee’s alcohol license after a failed compliance check in May

The Vermillion Hy-Vee will still be allowed to continue alcohol sales after failing an Alcohol Compliance Check in May after City Council allowed its license renewal Dec. 2. City Council held the public hearing to sort out license renewals for liquor and wine in restaurants, grocery stores, the municipal liquor store and the winery. “City […]

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