Students, faculty voice concerns after presidential election

With four words crudely scrawled on a piece of paper and shoved under her door last Thursday, first-year Valerie Sunderland’s fears about what a future Donald Trump presidency might entail for her as a black student became a reality. “At that moment, you know, I had never felt more unsafe being who I am in […]

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Sioux City Trump rally draws thousands, including USD students

Wearing red ball caps with the slogan “make America great again” and carrying “the silent majority stands with Trump” signs, more than 3,500 people packed into the Sioux City Convention Center Sunday afternoon to see Presidential Candidate Donald Trump speak a mere two days before election day. Sprinkled among the supporters draped in Trump flags […]

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Board of Regents request more than $3.6 million for cybersecurity upgrades as institutions try to protect student data

Like an invading army using battering rams to break down the gates of a walled city, the relentless cyberattacks come every day on hundreds of USD-owned IP addresses, trying to break down firewalls and other security measures to steal a wealth of data, for which it is important to understand OT security definition and install […]

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