Player of the Pack: Ben Hammer
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Player of the Pack: Ben Hammer

Karina Dufoe: What is your favorite throw and why?

Ben Hammer: Discus, I’ve thrown that the most and I have been able to compete really well at it.

KD: I heard you are battling through an injury right now, what is it and how are you working through it?

BH: My injury, a torn labrum in my hip, has impacted my performance, hinders movements in weight room. It’s just a nagging injury, and hopefully with the help of trainers, I will be able to keep grinding through it. Having (an injury) forces you to be creative in how you push yourself daily.

KD: What’s it like to be coached by AG Kruger III?

BH: He’s awesome. He turns a switch to be really intense, completely go after it, knowing a million ways to get you to where you want to be as an athlete.

KD: What is your favorite part about being an individual sport athlete?

BH: It’s a competition between yourself as much as it is a competition against everyone else.

KD: How do you mentally prepare for the difference between practice and competition?

BH: As a thrower you have to find that switch, 6 times for 5 seconds and its go time. You bring more energy and focus.