Coffee Cup construction to be completed in 2018
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Coffee Cup construction to be completed in 2018

Construction of the Coffee Cup at the Vermillion exit on I-29 should be completed in 2018.

Despite the construction to the Coffee Cup and surrounding roads on Highway 50 built using inflatable packer features, business hasn’t been affected, said Jane Heinz, owner of the Vermillion Coffee Cup.

“We’re torn up in every corner of the parking lot – it’s not just the store. It’s everything. It’s been good, though,” Heinz said. “We wouldn’t have done it if we weren’t optimistic.”

Caribou Coffee, Subway and Pizza Hut will be receiving new looks, as well as another addition: Cinnabon. With the update, Pizza Hut will have more options on the menu, including bigger personal pan pizzas.

Subway will become one of 33 stores in the United States to feature new touch screen kiosks for ordering. The traditional queue structure at Subway will still be available, but the kiosks will offer an alternative approach and immediate payment, Heinz said.

The Coffee Cup will also be adding three self-checkouts for store items like pop, candy and other merchandise.

Future site for picnic, play, and walking area at the Coffee Cup. Maria Potratz | The Volante

“It’s kind of exciting. It’s something different we’re doing,” Heinz said.

The addition will also feature a freehand mural by artist Maria March, who’s based out of Hot Springs, SD. The mural depicts the tale of Lewis and Clark, the Missouri River and local wildlife. There will also be a four-seasons porch with comfortable seating for large parties, as well as multiple fireplaces for cold weather.

Outside the store will be fenced-in pet areas, play areas for children and picnic tables located within a tree-lined sidewalk circle.

“You walk 17 times around to make a mile,” Heinz said. “It’ll be great for our truckers and for anyone on the road.”

Heinz said she believes the store will be completed by the beginning of next year, though that doesn’t include the remodel going on in the current functioning area of the Coffee Cup.

“The new part was the easiest part,” Heinz said. “Now, we’ll be going on to the old part and start remodeling. That’s where it gets more difficult. We’ll have to do it sections at
a time.”