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Senior Counselor Amber Alvey receives five-year pin

By Addy Nelson, Sacajawea Scroll

Many high schoolers come to Girls State. Some even become junior counselors and then move up to senior counselors.

This year, one senior counselor received her five-year pin for number of years serving South Dakota Girls State.

Amber Alvey, senior counselor for Washington, received her five-year pin this year at Girls State, meaning she has been a counselor for five years. With such accomplishments, she looks forward to the future of Girls State.

Alvey’s first year at Girls State was 2013 as a St. Louis delegate. She was on the forensics team and loved politics, so she continued to come back.

Alvey is an influential counselor for Girls State delegates. She loves making girls feel more comfortable during their time here.

“I feel that I really like making an impact of people,” Alvey said.

Looking forward, Alvey would like to see a change in how much time big representatives give delegates to ask questions.

Along with her five-year pin, Alvey will also take over as Dean of Counselors for Girls State 2019. Jody Hoiten, current Dean of Counselors, believes Alvey has many qualities needed for the position.

“I think she understands the importance of the counselors being role models for the girls and understands how to be a fun leader,” Hoiten said.

Alvey believes Girls State allowed her to make long-time friends who would help her any time. Girls State also allows her to see delegates go from not knowing anyone to finding lifelong friends.

“I look forward to the first vespers night because I really like to see how delegates interact with each other and start making friends,” said Alvey.

Alvey hopes delegates learn from her to be authentically themselves in this society and to have fun while at Girls State.

“She is really supportive and fun and she likes to make sure that everyone had a good time all the time,” said Kaitlyn Carlon, a Washington delegate.

Recently, Alvey was impacted by how delegates are affected by the violent acts in schools and how they are ready to push forward and change it.

With Alvey receiving the new position, Hoiten also has some words of wisdom.

“My advice would be to continue to improve and expand upon our counselors program and to lead in her own style, not necessarily how things have been done before,” said Hoiten.

Alvey said she believes Girls State is a great program and looks forward to helping it become better in the future.