Plain White T’s concert receives positive reaction
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Plain White T’s concert receives positive reaction

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) fall concert performed by the Plain White T’s took place last Thursday, and the production went smoothly, according to CAB President Kelsey Berger.

“Overall, the concert went well,” Berger said in an email interview with the Volante. “All three bands that performed were high energy and interacted with the crowd; production went smoothly. All of the feedback that we’ve received from attendees has been really positive.”

The attendance was down this year from last year’s performance by Vince Staples, attended by 1,200. There are many reasons for this, according to Berger.

“Attendance was slightly lower this year than in prior years,” Berger said, “possibly as a result of the marching band showcase or other extracurricular conflicting events, midterms, illness or going home for the long weekend.”

CAB is always looking to improve their events, and some ideas to improve the fall concert pertains to finding a more ideal date. Berger said they plan to move the date so it is not right after Dakota Days, and not on a three-day weekend.