‘We’re at the mercy of Mother Nature’: Vermillion farmers suffer after season plagued by floods

At this time five years ago, Angela and Glenn Pulse of Prairie Sun Organics, a 15-acre farm three-and-a-half miles north of Vermillion, harvested the last of their finest yield of corn from the land they bought nine years ago. The season produced 12-foot stalks that turned $1,800 per acre, they said. But following South Dakota’s […]

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Decriminalize and legitimize sex work

According to a survey conducted by Foundation Scelles, there are around 42 million working prostitutes in the world. In another study from a 2015 book titled “Prostitution: Prices and Statistics of the Global Sex Trade,” there are an estimated 1 million prostitutes in the U.S. alone. Sex work is an industry that deserves legitimization and decriminalization. The Times also states that […]

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Minding their business: Two USD women entrepreneurs garnering momentum in world of business

Using their entrepreneurial talents, seniors Courtney Bickley and Abby Wollschlager are empowering women to get involved with business and innovation, such as creating new business Black Metal Kards and products. Bickley and Wollschlager received first place at the 2019 Innovation Expo in Sioux Falls on Oct. 10 for their business pitch. The pair pitched “SafeRun,” […]

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