SGA: UPD Chief search narrowed to three candidates
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SGA: UPD Chief search narrowed to three candidates

The search for the new director of the University Police Department took a step forward as the first candidate held his public forum last Friday in Farber Hall.

Hannah Booth, Student Government Association Vice President, attended the forum to hear the candidate, Jef Rice, answer questions about diversity on campus and how working at a college police department is different than working at a department in a city. Rice is the interim director of UPD. The next forum will be with candidate Haydee Martinez on Nov. 7, while the last forum with candidate Chad Passick takes place the next day. Both forums will be held at 11 a.m. in Farber Hall.

A representative from the Students For Reproductive Rights (SFRR), Krista Honomichl, spoke at Tuesday’s SGA meeting to discuss the club’s budget proposal. Honomichl presented SFRR’s budget proposal. The proposal asked for $1,300 and would partially fund stickers, buttons, posters, pamphlets and a sculpture, among other things.

Honomichl said the pamphlets would include information about abortions, different kinds of birth control, sexually transmitted diseases and other topics. SFRR also plans to use $600 for a large display on the second floor of the library.

“What we’re intending on having is information on the various laws regarding reproductive health and abortion access in South Dakota,” Honomichl said.

The large display would go in the same place as the PAVE “What were they wearing?” exhibit, a display showing what victims of sexual assault were wearing at the time of the attacks. Booth said the display could reach students, similar to PAVE’s display.
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“They referenced the PAVE display that was set up. I think that had a really big impact. I know a lot of students went and looked at that and just looked at the stories,” Booth said. “So, I think even if that’s something SGA doesn’t end up funding…I think it’s something that’s good for students to be able to see.”

Along with the display, SFRR also hopes to get funding to build a sculpture with a historic connection.

“We were looking at also talking a little bit about what abortion looked like pre-Roe, and what women would go through to receive these healthcare needs and so we were looking at creating a sculpture made out of coat hangers to show that like when women didn’t have this access before, they resort to unsafe and illegal methods,” Honomichl said.

SGA will vote on SFRR’s budget proposal at the next meeting on Nov. 12.