Coronavirus continues to spread
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Coronavirus continues to spread

South Dakota now has 1,755 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus, according to the state’s health department. At least 65 people are currently being hospitalized and 824 people are recovering from the virus. 

On April 21 there has been 71 new positive cases in South Dakota along with one new COVID-19 death, according to the Associated Press reports. 

Currently a halfway house in Sioux Falls is on lockdown after 14 of their residents along with two employees contracted the coronavirus.

Minnehaha county still has the most cases of the coronavirus with 1,469 confirmed and Lincoln county following with 99 cases confirmed.

South Dakota’s Gov. Kristi Noem has been criticized for her stance on the stay-at-home order recommend by the government.

“I took an oath when I was in Congress, obviously, to uphold the constitution of the United States,” she said. “I believe in our freedoms and liberties. What I’ve seen across the country is so many people give up their liberties for just a little bit of security, and they don’t have to do that.”

The mayor of Sioux Falls, Paul TenHaken, called upon Noem to strengthen the existing orders to have closed schools, recreational areas and discouraged large gatherings such as in churches, and told people to stay at home.