New SGA president, vice president and exec. team are appointed
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New SGA president, vice president and exec. team are appointed

Student Government Association President Alexandra Fiener and Vice President Katie Brust were sworn in at the March 16 SGA meeting by former President Abuk Jiel.  

Along with the new president and vice president, a new senate was also sworn in. The new senators include Garrett Adam, Gretchen Biersbach, Lily Christian, Trenton Hoekstra, Abigail Johnson, Darby Knoll, Reagan Kolberg, Carter Linke, Keandra Rhead, Miranda Schulte, Brianna Serrett and Grace Siem. 

Aside from Fiener and Brust as president and vice president, the new executive staff includes Addison Miller as director of communications, Paige Schroeder as director of operations and Logan Johnson as director of finance. 

Senate Resolution 12 commemorating Hannah Booth and Carson Zubke for their leadership in Charlie’s Cupboard, Senate Bill 70 approving the Fiscal Year 2022 of SGA, Senate Bill 71 supporting the implementation of hammock polls throughout campus and Senate Resolution 13 encouraging USD to establish scholarship fellowship opportunities to international students all passed.

“USD and SGA stand with inclusivity and diversity which is why resolution 13 is relevant and important,” former senator Naivetya Patle said.

The former executive staff all had sentiments and goodbyes communicated in their final reports.

“This year taught me the importance of leaning into your friendships. I don’t want to take this time to talk about the things that we have accomplished as a team, but instead I’d like to thank everyone who made this year enjoyable and worthwhile,” Jiel said.  

Former Vice President Carter Larson also offered sentiment to the former senate.

“I would like to leave you all with a quote my grandfather always told me, ‘The strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack,’” Larson said. “This reminds me how we can all do much more together if we all push each other as a whole rather than just as an individual.”