Bruce Veneziani jams out downtown
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Bruce Veneziani jams out downtown

Thursday, Bruce Veneziani played a wide variety of music at Old Lumber Company. He hit the stage with nothing but an acoustic guitar and his voice.

“I think that I’ve always wanted to perform and be involved in music since I was a kid. Guitars fascinated me. I started teaching myself to play when I was 15. I bought my first guitar myself while working after school and on weekends at a local café,” Veneziani said.

Even when he’s not performing, his career is centered around music and shows. Music is an important part of life, Veneziani said.

“My business is solely in the music scene. I run a small live production company where I provide sound and lighting for bands and events. But I live for the times I get to play music for an audience,” Veneziani said.

The best part about performing is the audience, Veneziani said.

“I love when I can really connect with a crowd and I can see people having a good time, whether they are singing along, clapping to the beat or cutting a rug. I don’t have any rockstar dreams, but I really hope to be able to keep playing music for as long as I live,” Veneziani said.

Old Lumber Company hosts a variety of special events weekly, along with other performances from artists such as Veneziani.

The performance drew a crowd of students and community members. Anna Bottesini, a USD freshman, attended the performance.

“They (Old Lumber Company) always seem to have some kind of event going on as far as I’m concerned. It’s nice, ’cause if I’m bored one night and wanna go out with some friends and get food or something we can always just go there,” Bottesini said.

Bottesini said there was a lot of energy and spirits were high throughout the performance in the bar, and that people enjoyed the show.

“I’d definitely go there again if there’s more people who are gonna be doing live music. It was like a tiny concert, which is fitting for Vermillion,” Bottesini said. “I totally recommend going there, and like, even if there’s no live music, it’s still a good time.”