USD’s Chamber Singers plan for upcoming season
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USD’s Chamber Singers plan for upcoming season

The USD Chamber Singers have been getting ready for a new season with many new members, as well as adapting to new changes in the year since the pandemic began.

USD Professor David Holdhusen, director of choral music, said the singers are doing the best they can to go back to a normal season after COVID-19. He said the group had a retreat at the beginning of the year which they hadn’t been able to since before COVID-19. 

“We are singing this year as a full group and doing sectionals like we have done in the past. Last year we had small groups and we met in different rooms and we were spread out all over the place,” Holdhusen said. ”This year we’re back to a more-normal setting for our rehearsals, and our concert season will look very similar to what it looked like back in 2019-2020… so we are planning two concerts a semester.” 

The Chamber Singers have plans to come out with a CD this year as well as a tour in South Dakota and Iowa. Ali Guilloz, a student involved in the Chamber Singers, said she is excited to have it come out and for people to be able to hear it.

“We have a CD coming out this year, which has the last two or three years of Chamber Singers on it, so that’s really exciting. It’ll be on all streaming platforms, and also available for purchase,” Guilloz said. 

Not only are the Chamber Singers coming out with a CD and touring, they are performing in-person as well. Colby Stoos, another student involved with the group, said he looks forward to being able to perform in front of many people. 

“I hope that now that everything is being all lifted, more people are curious and just wanting to go out and come to the choir concerts and maybe experience something that they haven’t experienced before.” Stoos said. 

The Chamber Singers are prepared for their upcoming season and Professor David Holdhusen, Ali Guilloz, and Colby Stoos are happy to provide a unique experience for many people at USD and elsewhere.