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SGA Reviews Four Bills

The Student Government Association (SGA) reviewed four old business matters at tonight’s meeting. 

Senator Josh Styskal reported grammatical changes made to Senate Bill (SB) 77 “A Bill Codifying When Amendments Take Effect.” All changes were approved, and the bill will be reviewed again next week for its final reading.  

SB 79 “Psychology Club Special Appropriation” was seen for its second reading and discussion. 

Members of the USD Psychology Club said most of their expenses were being paid out of pocket, and food was their most expensive cost. 

A motion to amend the budget of SB 79 was proposed by Senator Caleb Swanson. Swanson proposed cutting the club’s marketing and advertising funds from $250 to $100, cut entertainment and speakers to $0 and add an operational fund of $100. It was also proposed the food budget be changed to $170 with a 20 percent budget rule. The motion passed unanimously. 

SB 80 “PAVE Special Appropriation” was tabled as no members of the organization were present to answer concerns. 

Amendments were added to SB 82 “The Audit Act of 2022.” These amendments included the annual audit to be conducted in February on every student organization and five senators will be appointed by the president to serve on the committee. 

Dr. Kim Grieve shared information about Sodexo’s initiative to reduce hunger which will soon be accessible. 

“Students will be able to fill out the form and once the form is filled out it will go to a committee and they can receive up to 20 meals,” Grieve said.

President Caleb Weiland announced in his presidential report the completion of the outdoor lighting near the volleyball courts at North Complex was recently completed. 

SGA meets next Tuesday in the Freedom Forum in Al Neuharth at 6:30 p.m. The meeting will also be accessible through Facebook live.