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Poland Missile Strike

On Nov. 15 a missile was shot into Poland, killing two civilians. 

With the war in Ukraine and Russia, there has been a lot of gunfire and other violence, and countries nearby are in trouble as well. 

The missile landed just outside of the Polish village Przewodow, about four miles west of the Ukrainian border. 

Even though experts still haven’t identified who sent the missile and how it ended up in Poland, Poland President Andrzej Duda said it looks Russian-made. 

“Both Russian and Ukrainian forces have used Russian-made munitions during the conflict, with Ukraine deploying Russian-made missiles as part of its air defense system,” CNN said. 

CNN reported at the emergency meeting with G7 and NATO during G20 summit President Joe Biden said it was unlikely that it was a Russian missile. We still don’t know because the investigation is not complete.

This missile strike seems to be an accident. There is no concern for any future missile strikes on Poland or anything other countries surrounding it, including Ukraine. 

“Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said Tuesday that evidence suggests the missile that landed in Przewodów was a “single act” and there is no evidence of further missile strikes,” CNN said.

Even though it is being received as a single act, Poland is still increasing their military action to keep its citizens and its country safe. 

CNN reporter said, “Morawiecki said Poland would increase its military readiness.” 

With the increased measures, the Poland government is hoping to not have another missile strike kill any more of its civilians.