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Graduation Brings New Opportunities

Commencement is approaching for seniors across campus. Some graduates plan to stay in Vermillion to further their education, while others are branching out and accepting positions in the workforce.

The University of South Dakota provides students with the ability to choose where they go and what they plan to do after graduation. Paige Krumm, a senior studying  medical biology and history, is planning on continuing her work at the university through one of the research programs offered. 

“USD has given me many opportunities to explore what I am passionate about,” Krumm said. “Without the wonderful staff and resources at USD, I would not be where I am today.”

As Krumm prepares for her next step after graduation, she encourages current students to explore their options while they’re available. 

“These four years are your opportunity to take classes on anything that may interest you and pursue those interests through research and different organizations,” Krumm said. “By utilizing all the knowledge around you, you can make yourself a well-rounded individual ready for life after USD.”

Another option that students may take is to further their education at a different university. Margaret Meierhenry, a senior studying musical arts, is planning to attend DePaul University in Chicago for a master’s in vocal performance. 

“USD has given me the foundation to succeed in any field I choose,” Meierhenry said. “From opera to political science, this university has provided countless opportunities to help me find myself in stride, believing in me before I could believe in myself.”

Meierhenry said there are many opportunities USD offers that she encourages students to take advantage of. 

“In order for a person to succeed there [are] going to [be] many failures on the way,” Meierhenry said. “By saying yes to yourself and letting others tell you no, you will find yourself in places you never would think possible.”

Some students choose to go straight into the workforce after graduation. Kyler Hagen, a senior, plans to move to Rapid City and work as a social media marketing specialist for Strider Sports. 

“I have been lucky with the amount of support from my professors, advisors and mentors throughout my USD experience,” Hagen said. 

While offering courses, the university also provides many opportunities for students to gain experience in their desired fields. Hagen interned with the USD Marketing Office for over a year.

“I have been fortunate to gain hands-on, real-life experience in my career field,” Hagen said. “With that, I have been able to build a strong resume and portfolio.”

While taking classes and preparing for the future, Hagen said it’s also important to enjoy the experience because it goes by quickly. 

“Enjoy every single moment you have,” Hagen said. Take advantage of all the opportunities USD has to offer and make meaningful connections.”

USD’s Commencement will take place on May 6 inside of the Sanford Coyote Sports Center.