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SGA  Approves Two Senate Bills and One Senate Resolution for Further Review

On Oct. 10, SGA held their seventh meeting of the year. During the meeting, SGA members unanimously voted in favor of two old business Senate Bills (SB) to be further reviewed and revised over the course of the next four upcoming meetings.

SGA members also voted in favor of one Senate Resolution (SR) to be further edited and analyzed alongside the SBs that were passed.

The old business bills approved for further evaluation and revision at this meeting included both SB 91 and 92. 

SB 91, refers to SGA audits and has had no further changes since its last revisions on Sept. 27. In which SGA members agreed that audits of student organizations’ constitutions and funding eligibility evaluations would begin being held annually, and conducted by a designated committee member.

SB 92, refers to SGA’s student affairs committee, in which members are planning to constitutionalize the planning and hosting of a sanctioned panel focused on diversity on campus. These panels will take place once per semester, and have their own designated topics relating to on-campus diversity and inclusion. 

These panels will allow open discussion between SGA members so as to ensure USD students feel comfortable and included on campus.

SR No. 5, is a resolution focused on the addition of a “Student Resources” course offered within the main page on D2L. 

This resolution would allow all students access to campus resources at any given timeframe as it would be a permanent addition to the D2L homepage.

By passing these bills and resolutions for further revisions SGA members will be able to ensure the future implementation of new regulations and standards in regards to specific bills and resolutions.

SGA’s next meeting will be held on Oct. 17 in the Freedom Forum Conference Room in the Al Neuharth Media Center.