Club Sets Up Drive for Men’s Mental Health
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Club Sets Up Drive for Men’s Mental Health

The Social Work Club set up a health drive for men all over Vermillion. The drive started Nov. 1 and will continue until Nov. 14. 

Ellie O’Connor, the president of the Social Work Club, said the club saw a need in Vermillion and wanted to meet it. 

“We try to find things that can impact our community directly and something that’s relevant. That’s why we chose Men’s Health Drive. Men’s Health Awareness Month is in November,” O’Connor said. “We talked to United Way and they said that they could benefit from receiving some men’s health items. We thought that would be a good opportunity to get involved in the community.”

All the donations given to the Social Work Club will go straight to United Way. 

United Way is a citizen run organization in Vermillion who meets the needs of the community. This is the first time the Social Work Club has partnered with United Way this year. 

“Here in Vermillion, United Way does a food pantry and they have clothing drives and different things,” O’Connor said. “They adapt to what the community needs. If that is access to affordable food,that’s why they run the food pantry,  they just adapt to the community’s needs. They do what they can to assist in that way.” 

O’Connor said after the drive is finished, they will count up the items and send them to United Way and give them to the Vermillion Community. 

“We start counting up all the items and seeing what the success rate was of the drive and then bringing those items into United Way and helping them get set up,” O’Connor said. 

Anyone can donate to the drive. Boxes are located at North Complex, Hy-Vee, Vermilion Public Library, Austin Elementary and the Civic Center. The items they are looking for include items like clothes, brushes, socks, razors and toothbrushes.

Photo Credit: Jozie Kumm | The Volante