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First Pepero Day by Korean Student Association

The Korean Student Association (KSA) organized their first Pepero Day on Wednesday, Nov. 8 in the MUC pit. There, students could discover different varieties of Pepero and win prizes.

Pepero Day is celebrated annually on Nov. 11 in South Korea. It’s a candy holiday in which people exchange pepero’s with each other. Pepero is a pretzel stick covered in chocolate.

“They’re usually made by hand and given to your loved ones,” Erica Martinez, vice president of the Korean Student Association, said.

The reason why Pepero Day is celebrated on Nov. 11 is  because the date (11/11) resembles Pepero sticks.

“We held this event earlier now because Nov. 11 is on a Saturday, and there won’t be any classes that day,” Martinez said.

The student organization offered different flavors of the Pepero’s: Chocolate, Oreo and Almond. Students could take up to five Pepero’s each.

“It’s the first time we’ve organized Pepero Day. We wanted to create a well-attended and easy to do event,” Martinez said.

Students could also participate in a game and win some fun prizes. President of KSA Eunjin Lee traveled to Korea in August and bought some souvenirs to give away during the event. The prizes included a colorful wallet and a few magnets with Korean influence.

KSA’s next event will be a spicy chicken event in April.

Photo Credit: Sien Hermans | The Volante