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SGA Holds Last Meeting of the 2023 Fall Semester

On Nov. 28, SGA held their 14th and final meeting of USD’s 2023 fall semester. During this meeting SGA members unanimously voted to pass three senate bills (SB), one of which passed as an emergency block bill, as well as two senate resolutions (SR).

The SBs and SRs passed at this particular meeting included SB 98, SB 99, SB 100, SR 12 and SR 13.

SB 98 refers to SGA’s official constitutions, as this bill ensures the upholding of past and future jurisdiction and legislature passed by members of SGA.

SB 99 regards the clarification of specific SGA General Activity Fee Committee (GAF Committee) policies, as some of the policies currently in place are unclear.

SB 100 is a bill that clarifies SGA’s future utilization of general reserve funds in which it is currently stated that USD organizations are only allowed to seek SGA funding once per fiscal year, a policy that SGA members are seeking to change in order to increase the amount of funding organizations may receive.

SR 12 is a resolution that, if approved, would ensure the expansion of USD’s medical biology elective course offering, as a way to increase the availability of courses for medical biology students.

SR 13 is a resolution that was passed by SGA members as an emergency block as it regards the commemoration of Dr. Clayton Lehmann’s life and various contributions to USD’s campus and community.

SGA’s next meeting will be held on Jan. 9, in the Freedom Forum Conference Room in the Al Neuharth Media Center at 6:30 p.m.