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SGA Hosts Guest Speakers Scott Pohlson and Susan Hackemer

On Nov. 14, SGA held their 13th meeting of the year. SGA members heard from Scott Pohlson, the universities vice president for Enrollment and Marketing & Relations, along with Susan Hackemer, the assistant vice president for Career Services & Student Success, in regards to on-campus student career and success services. 

At this meeting, SGA members also collectively passed four senate bills (SB) and five senate resolutions (SR) for further discussion and revisions.

Hackemer and Pohlson asked SGA members to share their own individual experiences regarding student career and success services on campus, as a way to get a better understanding of what aspects of these student resources could potentially be improved. 

This discussion focused primarily on whether or not SGA members felt confident in their ability to be successful in their given career paths given the resources and education provided to them by USD.

The meeting further went on to review both SB and SR, eventually leading to the unanimous waiving of SB 95, 97, 98, and 99, as well as SR 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

SB 95 is a bill codifying SGA’s role in hosting and planning an all member senate retreat as a way for members to further engage with one another, and discuss their concerns/ interests moving forward in SGA.

SB 97 refers to the current by-laws required by all SGA members, this includes but is not limited to the election of officers, office duties and SGA procedures.

SB 98 refers to the SGA official constitution which includes but is not limited to all jurisdiction as well as the legislature passed by members of the association.

SB 99 is a bill clarifying SGA’s general activity fee committee (GAF Committee) policies, in which their current by-laws are unclear and SGA members would like to further recognize and solve this issue.

SR 8 is a resolution in the means of creating an official SGA student response form on the SGA public website.

SR 9 is a resolution in support of planting native pollinator plants on USD’s main campus as a way to benefit Vermillions natural environment.

SR 10 is in regards to the possible development of a sustainability action plan on campus.

SR 11 refers to a resolution in support of adding holiday decorations on USD’s campus in the effort of boosting the overall student morale during the finals week of first semester.

SR 12 is a resolution in regards to supporting the expansion of medical biology elective courses offered through the university.

SGA’s next meeting will be held next week on Nov. 28, in the Freedom Forum Conference Room in the Al Neuharth Media Center at 6:30 p.m.