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Summit League Title Over Record Chase

The Coyote women’s tennis team is on the horizon of the Summit League Championship on April 19.

    Junior Grace Chadick and sophomore Anna Medvyedyeva have already had a record season, but could be looking at breaking more at the Summit League Championships.

   Chadick and Medvyedyeva are tied for the single-season record in doubles wins at 21. They had the chance to break the record in the last meet of the season against North Dakota leading 5-4 but the match went unfinished.

    Coming so far away from South Dakota, Chadick and Medvedyeva think that getting the record would be very rewarding. Chadick is from Edmond, Oklahoma and Medvyedyeva is from Lviv, Ukraine.

    “Pretty cool considering we are both not from anywhere near here, so like people remembering our names in the future is pretty cool considering we are only here for a short period of time and we can do so well together,” Chadick said.

   Being at school for only four years, having people know and remember your name is a great experience for Chadick.                 Medvyedyeva would also be ecstatic to break the record.

   “We didn’t expect to be there,” Medvyedyeva said, “It would be really cool, I think personally I would be hyped to break the record.”

    While the record will have Chadick’s and Medvyedyeva’s names on it, they thank their teammates for where they are today.

   “The team is really important here,” Medvyedyeva said.

    The record would be important, but both players want to focus on winning the Summit League Championships even more.

   “We are mainly focused on winning the next match, then trying to win the conference by beating Denver,” Chadick said.

    Chadick and Medvyedyeva both fully believe that they can beat 10-time straight Summit League regular season champions Denver.

   “We can definitely win it,” Medvyedyeva said.

  “We can win it,” Chadick said, “Especially [considering] the way we played Denver in the regular season, knowing that we have that chance and we are right there, and being at sea level it’ll be a lot easier and we can beat them.”

Photo Credit: Trevan Rychlik | The Volante