Stress management is crucial for balanced campus life

Whether the most recent graduation involved a high school diploma or a Bachelor’s degree, there are some aspects of education that students don’t learn much about. Stress is an inevitable part of life. Getting assignments done, studying for tests, writing papers, somehow balancing every other area of life – it’s not easy. Experiencing stress is universal for all […]

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Candidly Canada: Study abroad process too complicated

Studying abroad is a valuable experience and an enriching opportunity for college students to gain cultural awareness. With all of the personal and professional benefits, one might expect the number of students studying abroad to skyrocket, according to the Huffington Post. However, only about five percent of undergraduate students actually follow through with their plans. Many students often become […]

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Candidly Canada: Legalizing marijuana is step forward

With rising temperatures up north, Canada isn’t only reaching new highs in spring weather, but also in its forward-thinking policies. According to the CBC, Canada’s liberal government will announce legislation this month that will nationally legalize marijuana by next summer. Provinces will have the right to decide how the marijuana is distributed and sold, what […]

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Candidly Canada: Education necessary to debunk eating disorder misconceptions

Despite living outside American borders, I still plan to observe this week as one of great importance, and it’s not just because it’s my week of spring break. February 26 to March 4 marks the National Eating Disorder Association’s Awareness Week. This year is themed around breaking the silence surrounding eating disorders. While society has […]

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Candidly Canada: True sanctuary found in federal policies

For my host country like Canada, universities need no special recognition for welcoming anybody, regardless of citizenship or ethnicity. When Canada already has an administration known for accepting every person that enters its borders, the entire country is a safe haven. American perspectives on immigration are a tad different. Since Trump has begun pushing for […]

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Candidly Canada: Bottle-free campus furthers sustainability efforts

Despite the gloomy weather, my Canadian host campus is shedding light on important environmental issues. Southern neighbors, take note.Bishop’s University is the first university in Quebec to ban the sale of plastic water bottles. An on-campus effort called the Sustainable Development Action Group implemented this campaign in 2010. For people concerned about water quality, drinking […]

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