The Lesser Seen Effect of the Chinese Trade War

The prices of $200 billion in Chinese goods imported to the United States will increase due to tariffs promised by President Trump’s objective to fight China’s supposed unfair business practices; the president made clear that this is his way of negotiating until China ends unfair business practices. Earlier in the year, President Trump threatened tariffs […]

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TEDxUSD promotes diversity and innovation

South Dakotan communal diversity, artistic performances and innovative technology were among the presentations highlighted at the TEDxUSD event in Farber Hall on Saturday afternoon. Lamont Sellers, associate vice president for diversity, presented the first TED talk of the day about the Voices of Discovery program “Talking Change, Making Change.” In his TED talk, Sellers shared […]

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Faculty Senate meeting discusses current legislation and honors program

The Faculty Senate is comprised of faculty representing each of the programs at USD. The Senate met Wednesday night to discuss current legislation, the future of the honors program and the upcoming Frankenstein symposium. Student Government Association issues were discussed at the start of the meeting, concerning their resolution opposing House Bill 1073.  The next discussion was on […]

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