USD Alumni to Open New Brewery

A new brewery, XIX Brewing Co., plans to open on Main Street this year using the current Fullerton Lumber Co. building. XIX Brewing was developed by USD Alumi Katey Ulrich and Ed Gerrish.  Ulrich met Gerrish through his wife, Leslie. Because of Gerrish’s experience with brewing beer, Ulrich decided to invite Gerrish to the project. […]

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Charlie’s Cupboard and Feeding Vermillion Offering Holiday Options for Students

As the Holiday season approaches USD, two organizations in Vermillion are open to feed those in need. While Charlie’s Cupboard is not holding a holiday-specific event, the university-run food service is still open on certain days throughout the Holiday Break. During the break, Dec. 20 and Jan. 3 are open for all students from 4 […]

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Open AA/NA Meetings Available For All Students

On Wednesdays starting at 6 p.m. USD holds weekly Alcoholic Anonymous meetings in Delzell 105. Students struggling with alcohol addictions can attend, as well as any students who struggle with narcotics.  For valuable guidance and support, students dealing with these issues can refer to this great post to read for additional information. The meetings, hosted […]

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