Facebook’s privacy issues

The Facebook privacy scandal, referred to as the “Cambridge Analytica” scandal, has approached its one-year anniversary. But, the conversation regarding Facebook executives’ vague descriptions of what exactly they do on the site to protect users’ private data has been years in the making, indicated by multiple lawsuits and surfaced criticism. The specific Cambridge Analytica incident […]

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‘Surviving R. Kelly’ showcases that Black women aren’t taken seriously

Though R. Kelly himself has continued to deny sexual assault allegations for decades, these disturbing assertions have been made available to the public and were addressed by celebrities like Dave Chappelle and Wendy Williams, as well as R&B fans alike. These accusations have swirled and fizzled out throughout several years–that is until earlier this month. To oversimplify, in […]

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The stars show that late-Millennials and Gen Z will dramatically shift society

Millennials ruined the domestic beer industry, prefer experiences over material items, and value honesty. Generation Z can be quite sensitive, are large advocates for structural change, and seek job stability over risk-taking. But Millennials and Gen Z aren’t really ruining anything. They’re just innovating and redefining our current culture and society with the previous generation’s […]

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