USD hosts annual Giving Day celebration

Unite for USD took place on campus Wednesday and Thursday last week and is known as the university’s annual Giving Day. Students, alumni and community members gathered to celebrate the founding of the university and could enjoy a variety of events throughout the week. Swag items and free food and beverages were also offered throughout […]

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Unite for USD hosts fundraiser pre-party

Tuesday night, the USD Foundation hosted a Unite for USD pre-party at Fernson Brewing Company in Sioux Falls.  The event took place 5-7 p.m. and saw students, faculty and donors congregate in preparation for the foundation’s annual fundraiser.  “I think donors will really benefit from getting to meet some of the students and some of […]

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Charlie’s cupboard is open and with some new updates coming

As a new semester begins at USD, Charlie’s Cupboard opened up. Charlie’s Cupboard which began back in 2020, is a way to provide students with food outside of their meal plan and for students who stay at USD during Thanksgiving, winter, spring and summer breaks. Charlie’s Cupboard provides non-perishable food and personal hygiene products to […]

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Charlie’s Cupboard celebrates one year anniversary

Charlie’s Cupboard is a student run food pantry at USD. Sept. 2, marked its first anniversary and its first day open this semester. Over 160 students attended the event. In addition to the standard products, Charlie’s Cupboard also gave out cupcakes for its first birthday and held a drawing to win water bottles. Nathan Popp […]

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