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Q & A: Hoffman never got puppy from Santa

EDITOR’S NOTE: Each week The Volante sports staff will interview a member of the USD athletic community and ask them off-the-wall questions. Enjoy the hilarity.

Senior Lizz Hoffman is a mid-distance swimmer for the University of South Dakota swimming and diving team from Eureka, S.D.

Hoffman currently holds top-20 All-Time Performances in several events including 100 freestyle, 1st (50.90); 200 freestyle, 1st (1:49.49) 500 freestyle, 1st (5:00.13) and 1000 freestyle, 1st (10:31.38).

Hoffman most recently helped her team to a second place finish at the Border Battle in Stevens Point, Wis., where she placed first in both the 200 and 100-yard freestyles with times of 1:55.81 and :52.81 seconds, respectively.

Austin Ashlock: Are you a fan of this unnaturally “non-snowy” weather?

Lizz Hoffman: Honestly, I wish it would snow, I love season changes, and it just doesn’t feel like Christmas without some snow.

AA: What is the most nervous you have been before a meet or race?

LH: I would probably say last year at conference, going into my third race. I had won my first two races and this one girl was out to get me, it was nerve-wracking.

AA: Does your family have any “interesting” holiday traditions?

LH: My family is known to be loud and obnoxious, we tend to pull out one too many bottles of wine for Christmas and once we do, we start to play card games which usually leads to gambling.

AA: What class are you most looking forward to next semester?

LH: There is one class in particular -— I am taking a graphic novel class. It’s something totally off-the-wall and I am really looking forward to it.

AA: How do you like your eggs?

LH: Scrambled. Duh.

AA: Why swimming? What got you interested?

LH: It has to be my parents. I started swimming when I was 4, and they were always there encouraging me. My brother and my sister also swam and I wanted to follow in their footsteps.

AA: What is your favorite TV show theme song?

LH: The “One Tree Hill” theme song: “I Don’t Want To Be” By Gavin Degraw

AA: If you could be highly skilled at anything besides swimming, what would that be?

LH: I am extremely unartistic, so I thought it would always be cool to be somewhat artsy. To add some pizzazz to my life.

AA: If you could live during any period in history, which would you chose to live in?

LH: I would have to say the Renaissance Age.

AA: Do you have a favorite board game?

LH: Balderdash. It’s another thing we do on holidays.

AA: What do you usually do on a snow day?

LH: Well, last year there was a ton of snow days and I would get tons of people over and watch movies. Or if I am back home, my dad and I go out on four-wheelers or the pick-up and ram through the snow.

AA: What’s your proudest moment as a competitive swimmer?

LH: I probably have to say a few weekends ago when we beat UNI. Pulling a win over a team like that was amazing.

AA: Are you guilty of ever taking part in a not-so-cool trend? If so, which trend?

LH: I’m not a big trend-follower. I like to set my own path.

AA: Describe your teammates in one word.

LH: Interesting.

AA: Did you ever have a Christmas present that you wanted really badly as a child, but Santa never brought?

LH: I always wanted my own puppy, I still ask for it, but never get it.