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In the Know & in the Dark 2/1

IN THE KNOW: The new milk shake machine in the C-Store. A delicious new addition.

IN THE DARK: The ice hiding in the big puddles on the sidewalks. Even as the weather heats up, you have to watch your every step or else down you go.

IN THE KNOW: The Super Bowl this weekend. The time of year where

everyone can get together to enjoy football, food and a slew of new

commercials. Can anything top Darth Vader kid this year?

IN THE DARK: People who forget how to park in the winter time. Those big spots in the parking lot with all those diagonal lines are not parking spaces folks.

IN THE KNOW: The announcement of the Coyote men’s basketball bracket buster game against Texas State. A great match up and a great way for the Coyotes to get their name out there. Go Yotes!

IN THE DARK: People spreading illness around. It’s that time of year where colds, flu and other not-so-fun diseases are common. Do your part to stop the spread; wash your hands and cover your mouths, it’s common courtesy.

IN THE KNOW: The continued tradition of Yote Floats, always a favorite.

IN THE DARK: The differences in prices between the university stores. Should we all not pay the same for our snacks?