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Artificial Intelligence is a Friend, Not a Foe

It seems like any conversation you walk into will turn to one of two subjects (or both at once): Taylor Swift or artificial intelligence. Both topics stir strong opinions as well. 

On one hand, Taylor is either overrated or the greatest artist of our time. On the other side of the coin, people worry about whether A.I. and its large language models will eventually dominate the workforce and turn the entire notion of knowledge on its head. While I dearly love speaking about the Eras Tour, I’d like to focus my opinions here on the latter.  

It’s clear technology’s role in our lives only continues to grow, so it’s easy to mentally jump ahead and make assumptions about the negative stories (I refer here to killer robots and “job-snatching” computers). 

However, I believe that the evolution in this area will reap good things for our job opportunities, social relations and school systems. Historically, tech has consistently been produced by people to improve quality of life for the general population. 

Things are far from perfect, but we are living in a time where knowledge is available to everyone through places like public libraries and the computers which we carry in our pockets.  

Any invention that’s in its early stages should be approached with caution, but if people are willing to learn technology rather than passively use it, then I think we can expect positive change for the future. 

It will start in our schools and need to be played out through our personal choices, but a generation fluent in technology will be a generation ready to handle more pressing issues. Artificial intelligence is being produced by human intelligence. I believe the two will pair well throughout the 21st century and beyond. Perhaps it will solve the great Taylor Swift debate in the meantime.