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THE RANT: Dear Voting Public

Dear voting public,

Good news, the election is just around the corner. In three weeks time, political ads will be off the television until the next election season.
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And while elections at any level can be bitter and available candidates undesirable in the eyes of some, it’s no excuse not to take the election seriously.

Take the 2012 Arizona Primary for example. The Arizona Republic reports of the 90,433 write-in votes cast in Maricopa County, 1,738 were for legitimate candidates. The rest of the write-ins included votes for Mickey Mouse or read “anyone but (insert undesired candidate name here).” Now, just imagine this on the national scale.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with voting for a third-party candidate if you truly believe in their platform nor is there a problem with opposing the two-party system. I would love to see a further expanded field of viable parties.

But at the end of the day, you’re going to get exactly what you vote for.  If a wider field of presidential candidates is your desire, advocate for it. Do the legwork. Campaign. Vote for those candidates. If you really believe in it, try and get into politics yourself (I’d love to see the, “I could do better than all of these politicians” crowd put their money where their mouth is.). But if you think a throw-away vote for Mickey Mouse, “Anyone but candidate X” or Skeletor is going to change the system, you’re sorely mistaken. You are adults, now elect like it.

Rob Nielsen