Huggins: The Dallas Cowboys are back
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Huggins: The Dallas Cowboys are back

The Dallas Cowboys are 5-1. I repeat, the Dallas Cowboys are 5-1

For a decade now, the Cowboys have been the standard of mediocrity. Whether it’s the bobbled snap by quarterback Tony Romo to beat the Seattle Seahawks on a last second field goal or competing for the division title the past three years on the last game of the season to go to the playoffs, the Cowboys have come up short in trying to make the playoffs.

All of a sudden, this team has been able to reclaim its title as America’s team. Will this team fall into old habits and make crucial mistakes when the game is on the line, or will they rise up and do the necessary to win a Super Bowl? Only time will tell.

At the beginning of the season, if people were asked where they thought the Cowboys would finish in the NFC East, most people would have said they would finish last.

There are a couple of reasons I think some people didn’t expect the Cowboys to succeed this NFL season. First, the Cowboys statistically had the worst defense in the NFL last year, and secondly, they were not consistently running the football.

What a difference a year has made for this team. Due to an improved defense, an upgraded offensive line and the Cowboys’ ability to run the ball effectively, this team has positioned itself to be tied at the top of its division.

“Defense wins championships.” If that’s the case, the Cowboys should like their chances of getting to the playoffs.

According to Pro Football, Dallas ranked 26th in points allowed last year and now rank seventh. They also note the Cowboys ranked last or 32nd in the league in yards allowed last year and are now ranked 15th.

Demarco Murray, the Cowboys starting running back, is a big part as to why Dallas is off to such a hot start.

He leads the NFL in rushing touchdowns and yards. Because Murray has been able to run the football effectively, it not only helps keep the Cowboys off the field, but it also helps Romo to lower his passing attempts and make fewer mistakes.

Eric Dickerson, a Hall of Fame NFL running back who has also run for the most yards in a single season, told Yahoo Sports Murray should continue to get the ball.

“It comes down to the player, if he wants to carry it that much,” Dickerson said. “That’s his job if they give it to him 45 times.”

In the end, I don’t think the Cowboys will win the Super Bowl, as I’m hopeful for a rematch between the Broncos and Seahawks. However, anyone who doesn’t take the Cowboys seriously will probably regret it.

This is not the same team from a couple of years ago. Ladies and gentlemen, America’s team has returned.