USD Confessions ‘a breeding ground for discrimination’
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USD Confessions ‘a breeding ground for discrimination’

What’s my confession? Well, OK, here it goes: I have a serious issue with the USD Confessions page.

Why? After all, it is entertaining to peruse the page for hours, viewing students’ deep secrets and funny rants. It is funny to read about a vengeful roommate urinating on a toothbrush in an act of very, very unhygienic retaliation or about a student who finds dentists incredibly attractive.

And, yes, I do secretly hope that my roommate was not the one posting about the “stream of fury.” I am also now hyperaware of my own sexual desires pertaining to dentists (no, I do not get tingly when he asks if I want mint or cherry teeth cleaner).

However, USD Confessions is not all fun and games.

Not every post is a lighthearted, innocent confession. In fact, most USD confessions are discriminatory and offensive. This is due to anonymity of the posters. Commentators on posts have identities, yet they still write harmful messages. Confessors perpetuate bigotry and ignorance with hurtful, insensitive comments. From every angle, USD Confessions is ultimately destructive.

OK, so maybe you don’t believe me yet. Perhaps you think I’m crazy for criticizing such a well-known and visited Facebook page. It turns out I’m not. Crazy? Maybe. But, crazy for unveiling the true identity of USD Confessions? Nope. Not at all.

So for all of you out there who aren’t quite convinced that USD Confessions is a breeding ground for discrimination and cyberbullying, let me give you a few examples of recent posts.

A few weeks ago, the USD Confessions page exploded. Not literally an explosion, but pretty catastrophic nonetheless. Someone had posted a joke about rape, to which Betsey Horton, a former USD student commented that rape is not funny and jokes normalize rape culture. The response she received was sickening.

Not only were comments insensitively targeting Betsey, but women in general. The page administrator, who in my opinion should be an objective regulator, actually took part in the ridicule of Betsey Horton. Sounds like abuse of power if you ask me.

This behavior is completely unacceptable. It is not good fun, nor expression of opinions. It is cyberbullying. Spin it any way you want, USD Confessions propagates discrimination and hurtful judgment. People find it easier to communicate malicious messages from the keys of a computer.

The incident with Betsey Horton is not isolated. There are racist/sexist/homophobic/body-shaming/slut-shaming/etc. posts and comments made daily. Every. Single. Day.

No, people, it isn’t your opinion. It is ignorance. Spreading hate and shaming others is not an opinion. It is bullying.

“Being fat is not beautiful, attractive, or acceptable.”

“You have not been preaching equality but misandry.”

Those are just a few direct quotes from the page. These posts illustrate my point: USD Confessions perpetuates ignorance, harbors bullying and discrimination and allows people to feel no guilt for their offensive remarks.

There are plenty more examples, just check out the page. Actually, don’t check out the page. We are better than the behavior on USD Confessions. And, no, not every post is bad. Not every post is discriminatory, or hateful, or sexist, or racist or…OK, well, you get the point. But it doesn’t have to be every post. Even one derogatory post or comment invalidates the page. A page that allows for the dissemination of hatred does not deserve the support it currently receives.

Although some people attempt to stand up for the rights of individuals or groups, the administrator and other posters shut them down. Don’t use USD Confessions as a platform for social justice either because you will inevitably lose.

Social media is not the platform to fight injustice and hatred, especially in a controlled environment such as USD Confessions. Instead, fight the inequalities you see in actual reality. Reevaluate “opinions” and make sure they aren’t demeaning sentiments in disguise. Prevent the subjugation of groups, stand up for your own rights and the rights of others and spread love, not hate.

Yes, that is a generic saying, but the message is important. Live in the present, not online, and use your words to lift up others, not tear them down. Forget the hate and show respect to your fellow ‘Yotes, because respect is the antidote to the virus of hatred.

— Emily Grode

6 thoughts on “USD Confessions ‘a breeding ground for discrimination’

  1. As the Admin of the page. I would just like to say that the only reason I condoned what happened with Betsey is because I knew she would love the attention(which I assure you, she did) and fire right back in the comments(which she did). My job as the Admin is not to regulate or be objective as much as it is to entertain. I made sure that posts weren’t so heinous or personal that they got reported and removed. And made sure there wasn’t too much spam. You said it yourself. The page EXPLODED. If my job was to entertain, I’d say I did it pretty well. The Admin is a persona. One which I played to instigate entertaining situations. I received almost 100 submissions towards Betsey. To which I posted the ones that would allow her the best chance to defend her views an propagate discussion among the viewers. I also posted ones in defense of her and supporting her. That’s the nature of discussion, there will be two sides. I allowed both sides to be heard. (I can’t control what people comment, so that’s another story). Anyway. Nice article.

    1. Your a tool Adam min and a disgust to a college . Rape is not funny nor should it be condoned. I dont know who put you in charge but your possession should be re-evaluated. Typical male response to obviously a man who has no respect for women. And you got the attention you wanted not Betsey.

  2. I no longer attend USD but when I did I had several posts about me saying how much of a horrible person I was and how I was a bitch and annoying. Some of these posts had my first and last name so everyone could see exactly who they were talking about. The admin even says in the description that they would not post anything with full names but sure enough, that’s how all of my confessions were posted. I did contact the admin and he took the post down though. All the confessions page ever did is hurt feelings and I was tired of seeing how rude people could be. I am really happy that the page was taken down.

    1. Sorry. Sometimes I didn’t read them all the way through and some shitty ones slipped through. :( I apologize for that.

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