College football playoff should be limited to four teams
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College football playoff should be limited to four teams

For the first time in the history of college football, four teams will compete in a playoff to decide who wins the National Championship.

The four teams that will compete in the playoff are Alabama, Oregon, Florida State and Ohio State.

Alabama, the No. 1 seed, will play Ohio State, the fourth seed. Florida State, the third seed, will face Oregon, the second seed. Both games will be played on New Year’s Day.

The main controversy surrounding this new format is whether or not there should be more teams in the playoff.

When the final rankings were released this past Sunday, Texas Christian University — who was ranked number three last week — fell to No. 6 in the final College Football rankings, despite TCU dismantling Iowa State 55-3.

Baylor, who was ranked fifth in the final standings, finished its season 11-1, and they co- won the Big 12 championship with TCU.

Since there are only 10 teams in the Big 12, a championship game is not held, which could explain why TCU or Baylor didn’t not make it into the Playoff.

The Big 12 might have to reconsider how to crown a champion if they want one of its teams represented in the playoff, said Andrew Hawkins, an Associated Press sports writer.

TCU’s head coach told Hawkins he is also in favor of having a championship game in the Big 12.

“I thought you had a championship game because you had so many teams, and that they split their divisions, and you played so that the best played from both sides,” TCU coach Gary Patterson said. “For me, if we have to have championship games so it gives us the better opportunity, then we’ll have to go do that.”

The way I see it, I’m OK with only four teams competing for the College Football playoff.

If more teams are added to the playoff it will make the process less exciting. Only having four teams adds to the suspense each week in college football.

I found myself more engaged this year in college football because only four teams were going to compete for the National Championship.

Teams are also more competitive because there are only four spots, whereas if the committee expanded the field to eight teams, it would water down the product.

College basketball has a playoff system that includes 68 teams. Each year, there will be teams that will be upset because they didn’t make it. That doesn’t mean you expand the system.

This being the first year this new system was implemented, some teams may have a problem with not making the playoff, but that doesn’t mean college football should change its format of the playoffs just to make a few teams happy each year.
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