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Author Pulls Bill To Increase Signatures For Ballot Measures

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — The author of a proposal that would’ve increased the amount of signatures required for South Dakota citizens to propose a change state law has pulled the bill in response to heavy criticism.

Sen. Corey Brown had proposed a bill that would’ve changed how many signatures are required to get a measure on the ballot. Currently, a petition needs at least 5 percent of the number of actual voters in the last gubernatorial election. Brown’s bill would’ve changed that number to 5 percent of registered voters.

There were about 521,000 registered voters in 2014 and about 282,000 actually voted.

Brown’s proposal received heavy criticism from voters who said he was restricting the power of citizens.

Former U.S. Senate candidate Rick Weiland and Gordon Howie combined forces to rally against the measure.