New fund available for students looking to travel abroad
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New fund available for students looking to travel abroad

Thanks to Tom and Nancy Gallagher, the College of Arts & Sciences will be able to help students study abroad with a new $40,000 fund. The Gallaghers are the current co-chairs of the University of South Dakota Foundation’s Onward campaign. They decided to donate after learning fewer than five percent of USD students travel abroad.

“Travel itself can be such a great education,” Tom Gallagher said.

Matthew Moen, dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, said students will have different options when choosing to study abroad, and the amount of money that will be received next year.

“They can study abroad either through an independent study abroad program or through a faculty-led program,” Moen said.

According to the application for the new International Opportunity Fund, students will be considered based on financial need, academic standing, a required essay and their contributions to USD.

“Students who have completed at least 30 credit hours and have a declared major in the College of Arts & Sciences (are eligible),” he said. “We anticipate giving awards that would range from about $500 to $2,500. And so we’ll weigh financial need and academic standing and contributions to the USD community when deciding who to award to.”

Anthony Mandela, global learning adviser at the National Student Exchange and the Center for Academic & Global Engagement, said students can take steps before studying abroad.

“Typically, a student will start by attending a Global Learning 101 workshop where we answer questions, show students how to search our online portal and give instructions on how to apply,” he said.

Mandela also said students can earn credits by studying abroad.

“We work with all students to help identify courses they can take abroad and help show them how they get the appropriate approvals in order to make sure that the courses they are interested in abroad will transfer in as USD credits.”

Sophomore Ellie Murray, a strategic communications major, said she wasn’t aware of the new fund, but finds it interesting.

“Sounds like the university is really encouraging students to study abroad,” Murray said.