Product Review: PedEgg Power gives poor pedicure
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Product Review: PedEgg Power gives poor pedicure

I’m one of those people who love to watch infomercials. While they’re a little corny, they’re also entertaining to watch.

However, I’ve never called in to order one of those products — mostly because I’m poor and don’t believe the products work as good as they’re advertised.

Nevertheless, I found myself making a trip to Walmart to peruse the “as seen on TV” section of the store. My task was to find a product that had been featured on television and give it a review.

I looked through my options — which were not impressive, by the way. I debated purchasing the colored dye to put streaks in my hair, but then I thought back to my freshman year when I dyed my hair in my dorm room and instantly changed my mind.

So I decided on the PedEgg Power. It promises to eliminate the dry skin on your feet and give you smooth, beautiful feet. Read more tips here on how to address skin concerns.

I’ve used pedicure emery boards, but don’t enjoy how much skin and dust gets left behind on my feet. PedEgg Power seemed to be a different option, but with the same basic idea of eliminating dry skin.

I paid $15 and left the store ready to see if the PedEgg could help me out, especially since sandal season is just around the corner.

My parents passed on many wonderful traits to me. My mother gave me my big blue eyes, and my father gave me my nose and sarcasm. The one thing I got that I’m not fond of is my dry, alligator feet. Thanks, dad.

The PedEgg Power seemed perfect for me — I brought it home and sat down to try it out.

Assembling the callus remover was not difficult. All I needed was two AA batteries and it was ready to go. It would be nice if the batteries came along with the product for those, like me, who do not remember to pick some up before going home.

The noise that came from the PedEgg when it was turned on made me hesitant. It sounded like a drill and was very loud — not the most pleasant sound to come from something you’re going to use on your foot.

I gave it a go anyway, and it didn’t hurt at all. But it was also not very effective.

When I used the product, my feet were not as dry as usual, but I didn’t see much of a change after using it along with the bonus smoothing head that was included.

So if you have dry feet like me and are looking for a product that will transform your feet from dry to smooth, this product isn’t for you.

It wasn’t effective and didn’t fulfill the promises on the package, which wasn’t that big of a surprise, though, because it is just good advertisement.

My advice: spend money on a product that will give you actual results. Luckily, I didn’t lose much money by purchasing this product, but paying more money for a better product is a wise choice and will be more beneficial in the long run.

So for those of us with dry, alligator feet, the mission of finding a product — besides a traditional emery board — to give us smooth feet is ongoing.

When all else fails, treat yourself to a pedicure.

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