When and Wear: Monochromatic – From the Trend of Sweatsuit to “Groutfits”

The monochromatic sweatsuit has resurrected recently, with a resurgence that some are all for the trend, while others are not so on board with its revival..  Gaining popularity in the 1970s, the original form of the sweatsuit was the tracksuit, a monochromatic pant and jacket combination that allowed for both mobility and style.  While we […]

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When and Wear: The Stanley Cup of Cups

Whether one sees them everywhere, or hears the call of ice clashing against the metal cylinder, Stanley cups, and other variants of them, have recently become the water bottle of choice for the masses. The metal cup has arguably become one of the most popular “accessories” in many college students’ daily attire; so in theory, […]

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When and Wear – How USD Students Feel About the New Winter Trend – UGG

Whether one loves them, hates them, or just tolerates them, there is no doubt that the UGG brand has taken over the slipper market. So much so that most people can’t walk into a room without seeing at least one person wearing some form of them.  UGG began in the 1970s from an Australian surfer […]

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Sorority Hosts Line Dancing Philanthropy

Due to the fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha no longer having a house, the Pi Beta Phi sorority had a creative alternative to their annual haunted house with the fraternity: line dancing.  USD student and Pi Beta Phi member Ella Wittmus came up with the idea along with friend Chloe Birney. They called it “Line Dancing […]

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International Club Brings Taste of Brazil

USD kicked off Brazil night on Nov. 1 in the MUC pit. The event consisted of traditional Brazilian foods, an informative powerpoint and a murder mystery.  The USD International Club hosts monthly events called around the world, where each month the club teaches students about a country’s culture and brings in traditional food. This month’s […]

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International Club Creates New Food Show

According to enrollment statistics, USD has had a high influx of international students this year.  Many students can feel disconnected and lonely, especially being so far from home. The International Club is meant to create a community where international students can connect. President of the International Club Sushant Mukhai said they are trying to form […]

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USD Theatre Department Hosts Four Person Play

The USD theatre department will be showing the play called “Ada and the Engine” on Oct. 19 through the 22 in the Arena theater. The play follows a young woman named Ada Byron who is the daughter of the scandalous Lord Byron. Through the industrial revolution, she meets inventor Charles Babbage, who is the creator […]

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Yankton Flower Shop Opens New Location in Vermillion

The ribbon cutting ceremony for Pied Piper Flower and Gifts occurred this past Friday, Oct. 6. The shop has been in Yankton for a few years and has now expanded to Vermillion. Along with this expansion, the addition of UPVC shop fronts enhances the store’s aesthetic appeal. Pied Piper is owned by Becky and Jody Frye […]

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Small Businesses Impacted During D-Days

Dakota Days can be a time for fun and celebration for students and also be a great boost of support for local businesses. However, these businesses go through a lot of prep to accommodate the new influx of people. If you’re a business owner looking for convenient financial solutions during this busy season, consider exploring […]

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