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When & Wear: Lululemon Athletica – Peaked?

      From Old Main to the Wellness Center, many students can be spotted wearing some form of athleisure. Whether they be seen in head-to-toe sportswear, or wearing jeans and a casual hoodie, students generally can be found wearing some form of athletic attire.

     For over two decades, Lululemon Athletica has remained a popular athletic apparel company, with more than 710 stores globally. 

     For some, their first interaction with Lululemon was the infamous belt bag, which rose in popularity a few summers ago. 

     The price of the bag is typically $38 for the 1L size, which is arguably less expensive than their other products. 

     “I feel like [Lululemon] is definitely more popular now… because of the belt bag,” student Arianna Enriquez said. “Those became really trendy, So like everyone has a Lululemon belt bag now.” 

     Like most fashion trends, possibly the biggest critique of the company is its price point. As Lululemon Athletica prices typically fare about $68 for a tee shirt, and $98 – $118 for a pair of leggings.

     “It’s expensive but it’s a high quality item,” freshman Maurina Street said. “There’s a markup on their items, like I know they cost a ton less to make than what they sell them for.”

     Freshman Billy Hendryx says that owning a couple of items is worth it, in his opinion, but does agree that the prices can be excessive. 

     His reason for favoring the brand is the comfort and durability of their apparel. 

     “You can get a lot of similar products for a lot cheaper, even better products for cheaper,” student Gannon Cauwels said. 

      Other alternative brands have been popping up on campus as well, especially in areas such as the Wellness Center. 

     “I feel like the people who are getting into working out and lifting, they’re switching to brands like GymShark or YoungLA,” Wellness Center student employee Emily Lesser said. 

     “I’ve been seeing that a lot more, especially with males.” 

     The overall consensus from student opinions of the brand Lululemon Athletica is that while it may be pricey, many feel that the quality of the garments make the price worth the product.  

     Don’t forget, when life gives you Lululemons, appreciate them.