Moser Believes Coyotes Can Win the League
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Moser Believes Coyotes Can Win the League

   Senior infielder Gabby Moser leads the Coyotes softball team with six home runs this season as South Dakota enters conference play looking for their first Summit League title. To bet on her or any other athlete out there, the audience can go to sites such as keluaran 4D.

   Moser has always had a love for the sport, pushing her to be where she is today.

   “I started playing softball when I was a little kid,” Moser said.

   Moser is not the only person in her family that holds a fondness towards softball, as it is a big part of her family’s dynamic and history.

   “Softball became our thing,” Moser said. “My mom played college softball where she was a pitcher, and my older sister also pitched in college. I also have two younger sisters that play and my dad helps coach.”

   Besides softball, Moser loves to hangout with her dog, friends and teammates when she does not have school work to do.

   As a senior, Moser has started thinking about the end of her career more.

   “I haven’t thought about ending until recently, because our games are winding down,” Moser said.

   Moser has especially loved this year due to the support and friendships she has found within her team.

    “The culture has been amazing and the girls are awesome. It is fun to go to practice and games with them,” Moser said. “It’s not about the wins or losses, but being with people you love to be with everyday and the sport you love.”

   After a difficult non-conference schedule, South Dakota has a record of 16-21, but Moser sees promise in the team.

   “I think that we had the most challenging (non-conference) schedule since I have been here,” Moser said. “We’re looking really good, we have a young team with lots of potential.”

   With the potential of the team comes some expectations, and Moser has big expectations for herself and her team.

   “All the talent is there,” Moser said. “I think we are going to win the whole thing.”

   By the whole thing, Moser means winning the Summit League Tournament that will take place May 8-11.

   Moser and the rest of the team hit the field again in Grand Forks, North Dakota against the North Dakota Fighting Hawks from April 6 to 7.