International Office Offers Rides to the Airport

The end of the semester is upon students as the last week of school wraps. Students are slowly getting ready to leave USD and go home for the holidays. The Gallagher International Office (GIO) helps students to get to the airport in Sioux Falls. The GIO is organizing free bus rides to the Sioux Falls […]

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USD Student First Thanksgiving in Vermillion

With Thanksgiving Break just around the corner for USD students many students aren’t able to travel for the holiday.   USD has a large percentage of students who live near home, but for international students, returning home for break can present a challenge. Many international students do not have the ability to go home over the […]

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International Club Brings Taste of Brazil

USD kicked off Brazil night on Nov. 1 in the MUC pit. The event consisted of traditional Brazilian foods, an informative powerpoint and a murder mystery.  The USD International Club hosts monthly events called around the world, where each month the club teaches students about a country’s culture and brings in traditional food. This month’s […]

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Muslim Students Struggle to Find Dining Options During Ramadan

With dietary restrictions during the month of Ramadan, USD’s Muslim students are struggling to adhere to their religious obligations with the current dining options on campus. Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, is a time of fasting and prayer for Muslims worldwide. Muslims are not permitted to eat or drink from sunrise […]

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Continued Rise in International Students

Samantha Hartje and Charles Streeter The University of South Dakota has seen new faces from around the world. In recent semesters, the growth of international students continues to increase.  According to Patrick Morrison, the Director of the Gallagher Center, the international student population increased 59% from the Spring 2022 semester to Spring 2023. Currently, there […]

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Weekly prayer led by USD Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student association was founded by a group of undergraduate and graduate students with the help of Jesus Trevino and Lamont Sellers in 2014. Trevino and Sellers designed the organization to be solely student-driven that resembles Islamic views of community and service for college students.  Currently, the USD Muslim Student Association has roughly 70 […]

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International Club looks forward to a new year

The International Club on campus is the host to many international students and domestic students alike. The club holds many events throughout the year to allow students to interact with each other.   Third-year PhD student Bernard Osemwenkhae serves as the liaison between the International Club and the Student Government Administration. In an email interview with The Volante, he said the International Club gives him […]

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International Club celebrates culture, language through International Language Day

On Feb. 22, the USD International Club celebrated International Mother Language Day to recognize the many cultures of international students and bring visibility to a host of languages. The club hosted an event in the Muenster University Center pit lounge from 12 a.m. to 2 p.m. Students had the opportunity to meet with international students, […]

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A peek into an international student’s world

In December, The Art of International Education Week took place. The university libraries has displayed the work of USD international students Anita Shrestha, Subharaj Pal, Yazmin Moktan and Leila Ghasempor on the first and second floors of the library building.  The display allows the international students to share a piece of their culture with others. […]

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USD Study Abroad program on pause

USD’s study abroad program doesn’t have a clear view of what summer 2021 will look like. Travel has been restricted due to the pandemic. Virginija Wilcox is the director of the USD program located in the Gallagher Center. International travel affiliated with USD is suspended. Decisions on summer 2021 for traveling are indefinite, Wilcox said. “Once […]

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