Update on Parking Construction at Julian Hall

Samantha Hartje and Charles Streeter  Following the demolition of Julian and Brookman Halls, construction of a new parking lot and renovations of the South Dakota Union remain on schedule amid winter weather.  The Assistant Vice President of Facilities Management, Brian Limoges gave updates on the construction process.             “We are currently finishing the demolition/removal of the […]

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Continued Rise in International Students

Samantha Hartje and Charles Streeter The University of South Dakota has seen new faces from around the world. In recent semesters, the growth of international students continues to increase.  According to Patrick Morrison, the Director of the Gallagher Center, the international student population increased 59% from the Spring 2022 semester to Spring 2023. Currently, there […]

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Housing supports students staying over break

Bennett Clary and Kenley Cotter After a semester without any days off, students may be eager to return home for a long break. However, some students may not want to go home or they may not have somewhere to return to. For these students, USD offers the opportunity to stay on campus for as long as students need during winter break.   USD Housing […]

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Editorial: Gov. Noem can do more

As the number of COVID-19 cases climb around the country and specifically in South Dakota, it’s clear more needs to be done to combat this novel virus. Ultimately, the person who can exercise the most power in our state government is Gov. Kristi Noem, but she hasn’t been doing enough to protect the people living […]

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Editorial: Online classes aren’t for everyone

Transitioning from the classroom to online isn’t as easy as it sounds. Online courses require more responsibility and organization than on-campus courses. There are no specific “class times,” just deadlines that are usually non-negotiable. It’s up to the student to make sure they outline a schedule to succeed in an online course.  There are also […]

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Editorial: Local businesses are lifelines

Now is a time more than ever we need to support everyone in our communities.  The bars, restaurants, grocery stores and other businesses in our smaller towns have proven invaluable in the past couple weeks. They aren’t huge chain corporations, but small businesses that care about their customers and fellow community members and we should […]

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Editorial: Date rape drugs have no place in Vermillion

Nearly every college town has a bar scene and they’re not always safe. There should be a community effort to keep our downtowns safe.  Alcohol is already a powerful enough drug and in college, it can be easily overused. Alcoholism is something that needs to be talked about in college but there’s an even scarier […]

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Editorial: Kill House Bill 1215

It’s evident that South Dakota as a government is against the LGBTQ+ community and they continue to show their disdain by creating legislation directly attacking their rights.  House Bill 1215 was introduced last week and aims to strip rights from the LGBTQ+ community. One of the most controversial policies is not recognizing gay marriage, which […]

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