Vermillion Public Library digitizes microfilm, opens online news archive

In order to make historical news records more accessible to the public, the Vermillion Public Library recently digitized its collection of Vermillion Plain Talk microfilm. Rather than viewing these records on a big microfilm viewer, patrons can now access these records from an online archive.  Daniel Burniston, the Library Director, said the move to digitization […]

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Editorial: Welcome back from The Volante

To all students, faculty and staff, The Volante would like to formally welcome everyone back. Though it may not be under the circumstances anyone predicted, it is great to see everyone on campus. And to the class of 2024, we would like to introduce ourselves. We are The Volante; the student voice at USD since […]

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Letter from the editor: The Volante is here to be your voice

2020 has turned the entire world upside down. Our perfect schedules were cleared. Our travel plans were postponed. Classes were redesigned. Everything we knew is gone.  While things we once took for granted are changing to luxuries, it is important to learn from what we are going through.  Through this pandemic, I have learned how […]

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Letter from the managing editor: A look back on the semester

For some people, a crazy, unpredictable schedule can be daunting. One day, you’re sitting in class, completely focused. The next, you’re scrambling to prepare for an interview, while last night’s homework sits unfinished. But for me, this is normal. Welcome to the life of a student journalist. I’m going on my sixth year being a […]

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The real heroes: healthcare workers

There is a group of people consistently at the front lines of this pandemic, day and night, risking their lives to help those afflicted with COVID-19. Those people are healthcare workers — people in hospitals and clinics working hard to care for COVID-19 patients. The past couple of weeks multiple videos have circulated social media, […]

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Editorial: Local businesses are lifelines

Now is a time more than ever we need to support everyone in our communities.  The bars, restaurants, grocery stores and other businesses in our smaller towns have proven invaluable in the past couple weeks. They aren’t huge chain corporations, but small businesses that care about their customers and fellow community members and we should […]

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Art, interrupted

A plethora of DIY pages and positivity accounts have posted about being creative during the shock of coronavirus. New crafts, dances and entertainment opportunities are provided with every refresh of a social media page and through this pandemic, the world has been reminded of the necessity of artists. Art is in the music we listen […]

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House Bill 1057 does everything but protect trans youth

On Jan. 29, with 46 yeas and 23 nays, HB 1057 passed the SD House of Representatives, and now its fate rests in the SD Senate. Now, with a name like the Vulnerable Child Protection Act, you might be thinking we ought to be protecting our children from the meth epidemic, neglect and abuse and […]

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