Pharmaceuticals and felonies: study drugs at USD

The term “study drugs” may evoke images of Adderall and all-night study sessions, but for one time users and repeat users alike, there may be consequences for using these substances to cram for the next big test. “Study drug” is an unofficial term referring to any substance used to increase energy and focus while studying. […]

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Helping hands: Support available for victims of drugging incidents, sexual assault

This is the second part of an ongoing story on date rape drugs and safety in social drinking. In three out of four sexual assaults, the perpetrator has been drinking. That’s according to Women’s Health. Women’s Health also reports that in nearly half of all sexual assaults, the victim has been drinking. But, if the […]

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Editorial: Date rape drugs have no place in Vermillion

Nearly every college town has a bar scene and they’re not always safe. There should be a community effort to keep our downtowns safe.  Alcohol is already a powerful enough drug and in college, it can be easily overused. Alcoholism is something that needs to be talked about in college but there’s an even scarier […]

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