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Continued Rise in International Students

Samantha Hartje and Charles Streeter

The University of South Dakota has seen new faces from around the world. In recent semesters, the growth of international students continues to increase. 

According to Patrick Morrison, the Director of the Gallagher Center, the international student population increased 59% from the Spring 2022 semester to Spring 2023. Currently, there are 407 international students enrolled, with India being the largest country of origin. 

International Club president, Pragati Rouniyar, gave an update on the sudden rise of international students and what it means to be an international student at USD.  

“USD itself held a high rating on the rankings of colleges, which is important for international students when deciding what program best fits,”  Rouniyar said. “The majority of international students are computer science majors. The department had a ton of opportunities, so that is why I chose USD.”  

Rouniyar started the International Club at USD. International students interested in joining can email her at [email protected]. They can speak to her about how to enroll in the International Club and what it means to be a member of the university. She helps other international students who aren’t as familiar with the university.  

“Being a leader for the International Club is important to me. It’s very close to my heart and it gave me a sense of home, a home away from home,” Rouniyar said. “There are many opportunities to connect with other students and understand the diversity. It has given me a ton of personal growth. I wanted to return the favor of how the International Club treated me. I want to give that to other international students, represent their culture and committee themselves.” 

The International Club is a great opportunity for other students to see and experience different cultures. 

On March 4-5, the International Club will host an event called the Festival of Nations. During the event, International students are able to bring a dish from their culture.  

“Students love the diversity, and to travel around the world to experience what is different in their country and how they live,” Rouniyar said. “We bring our culture to the university. We see how things are experienced here. I have something going on every single day.”  

The rate of international students continues to grow each semester, bringing in new opportunities to the community and for students. The club itself brings in more students and diversity to USD.

Rouniyar stated that the number of international students and the club itself plan to grow much more.